Makes it easy
to simplify

Integrated performance and simplicity

We offer an integrated sensor reading system that not only increases accuracy and saves you time, effort and money
– it is also easy to install and use.

What our solution offers you

Fyrqom is a technology company that offers automated configuration for TPMS for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.

Higher efficiency in your workflow
Improved accuracy on readings
The tools needed to perform automated configuration of TPMS related tasks
Reduction of faulty or missed readings
Our solution for workshops

Automatic workflow for handling tire-related activities and configurations of commercial vehicle TPMS.

Our solution for factories

Quality checks of tire/rim integrated sensors and automatic configuration of TPMS during vehicle assembly.

A streamlined and automated configuration of your TPMS workflow

The integrated sensor solution collects data and provides it to you through a dedicated interface.

Enabling you to efficiently act on leaks and other issues that need immediate attention or action.

Ready to integrate simplicity into your operations?